Building the Future report published and Think Tank launched

24 January 2024

Building’s editorial initiative, Building the Future, has two exciting announcements to share with the built environment community.  Today marks the publication of the Building the Future Commission report, a culmination of 12 months of work, research and inquiry, as well as the launch of the next stage of its development, its evolution into a think tank.

Over the past year, Building has gathered insight from around the country by engaging in roundtable discussions, running a conference, and arranging consultation with numerous industry leaders. A range of content has also been circulated, with 160 articles, a podcast series and two in-depth pieces of research into UK planning and digital construction. This has all contributed to the recommendations for action that can be found in the report.

A common thread weaves through the report’s findings: the need for strategic thinking alongside long-term planning and investment. The launch of the Building the Future Think Tank aims to shift the industry away from short-term crisis management, offering a platform for collaborative solutions. The Think Tank will seek to expand upon the conversations and research in 2023 with a new series of roundtables, a yearly conference and  establishing a dedicated editorial research hub. It will focus primarily on AI, digital construction, net-zero, workplace productivity, building safety, and people and skills.

Assemble invites all stakeholders and industry leaders to contribute to the drive for positive change.

Download the report online and get in touch for more information on regional roundtable participation or other Think Tank opportunities on the dedicated landing page. Also, remember to save the date for this year’s conference on the 18th September.