Assemble enters partnership with international NGO Climate Group

1 February 2024

Assemble enters partnership with international NGO, Climate Group, focused on energy efficiency in the built environment.

Assemble Media Group has entered a strategic partnership with the international NGO Climate Group, to highlight the huge transition to net zero required in the built environment. The partnership will include events at  Climate Group’s flagship event, Climate Week NYC in September 2024, which is held in collaboration with the UN and the City of New York .

The partnership sees Assemble’s media brands Building and Building Design work with Climate Group’s built environment system of over 125 corporates working on improving their energy efficiency in the built environment. Climate Group will become a lead partner on Building Magazine and Building Design’s year-round Net zero and energy programme.

The internationally renowned not-for-profit will contribute content, research, and provide speakers at Assemble’s events.

The vision is to highlight the progress and innovation of leading companies in areas and issues such as energy reduction, renovations, and how building occupiers and construction clients meet the sustainability challenges of the future.

Assemble’s managing director, Tom Broughton, said the partnership will work to highlight the innovators and leaders of sustainability and climate issues across the global built environment. He said: “We’re looking forward to partnering with Climate Group to share content, knowledge and expertise, but also to showcase and promote the innovation and commitments made by Climate Group members who are working to deliver and promote a more sustainable built environment.”

Toby Morgan, senior manager, built environment at Climate Group said, “It’s a big year for energy efficiency. At COP28 an overwhelming number of countries committed to doubling energy efficiency by 2030. But to actually get that done, we need all hands on deck. With that in mind, we’re excited to be partnering with Assemble Media, to share expertise on how we can drive up energy efficiency, and highlight the excellent work our members are already doing through efficiency and innovation. Energy efficiency is the fastest and most cost-effective way to cut global fossil fuel demand, and we look forward to putting this message at the heart of corporate sustainability debates with Assemble Media. Put simply, the greenest form of energy is saving energy.”